A Change of Heart

I’m sure there are times when our perceptions on the things around us change. As for me, there were a couple of times I used to not like a song. After a while, I find the song likeable and have it on replay for days. There were times when I thought a certain movie is unamusing yet I find myself understanding it better after giving it another chance. And there are many times I changed my mind about what I want to do.

A change of heart is not an uncanny phenomenon. It just happens. Why you may ask? Well, it’s because we are humans; we change while life takes its course. When life brings you down, you tend to watch a melancholy movie. When your heart feels numb, you hear a new line from a song that you had listened for many times.  When times get tough, you can see the other sides of someone.

A change of heart can be frightening for some people, especially when it happens the moment you have already set what you want to do for the rest of your life. The thought of rebuilding another foundation in your path is not merely an easy task. The thought of maybe losing your original stand can make you anxious.

Ultimately, you should not blame yourself when you happen to have a change of heart. A change of heart can just mean that there are other ways to make yourself feel happy; it means you have found something to bring spice to your life.

A change of heart is something we can accept, as long as it is for the better.


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