A Chat with Jane Allen

So there’s James Cole, kneeling in front of Jane’s door, working on the doorknob with the toolbox found in her closet. Jane is sitting at the edge of her bed, hugging her cream cat plushy. Her eyes softly gaze towards James. Her chest unconsciously lets out a sigh. Once he is done with the door, both Jane and James will finally have the talk that has been delayed for the longest time.

In the meantime, let’s have a little chat with Jane while we wait for their story to unfold.

“Say what now?”

We both know it will take a while for him to fix that door. Tell us about yourself, Jane Allen.

“Fine. I’m Jane Allen. I’ve been living abroad for 3 years, far away from the labour work of being the youngest in the family. I’m on my final year in the Bachelor of Communications. Oh yeah, I got to school with a scholarship but working part-time to pay for my expenses.”

That’s our Jane Allen! Always excelling in whatever she wants to do. Aww, look at you blushing. Anyway, I heard you’ve been flunking in terms of your love life.

Psst… She’s glaring at me with those catty eyes, everybody. She needs to work on her temper, doesn’t she?

“Calm down, Jane. She is not worth your anger. She will be gone anytime soon. Shhh.”

Look, I am stating a fact here. Jane Allen might be single for all her life but she actually has a long line of suitors. She can get any guy she wants but this girl built a wall…

“As tall as Mount Everest!”

… Around her. Many have tried yet none of them managed to get past this wall.

“Hey! One of them almost did but Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall…”

“Too bad he didn’t fall on my side of the wall.”

You could have gotten him a ladder to climb down to you.

“He’s not worth my time.”

Okay… Then, what about James? Where is he standing now?

Looks like James Cole is indeed someone special is Jane Allen’s life. Someone who is not like the others, making the ice queen experience various types of emotions: Emotions she has never felt before.


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