Always Difficult Always Beautiful

Early March this year, a duo from Cube Entertainment debuted with an album called 9801. They are my fellow “칭구” Wooseok and 우리 막내Kuanlin! I have been supporting Cube’s artists for quite a while because their songs are usually top-notch. Even this unit did very well!

Initially, I wanted to write about the songs from the whole album. However, I decided to not do so because I can’t find the English translation for the song Domino. So it wouldn’t be that fair if I talk about it. (Someone please translate this song for me! I love this song and I want to understand it better!)

I have to admit that Wooseok X Kuanlin’s title track I’m A Star is pretty catchy and cheery. But for today, I will talk about the side track that I really enjoy listening to – Always Difficult Always Beautiful.

This song is written and composed by Wooseok and his PENTAGON mate, Kino. The first time I heard this song, I was immediately hooked to it. I listened to it for weeks during my bus rides. Even though the instruments they use for this is minimalistic, they match the lyrics which makes the delivery of this song simply illuminating.

I couldn’t understand most of the lyrics the first time because they were in Korean. Yet, I could tell that the lyrics are meaningful and heartening. It is the perfect song for me at this phase of my life.


“Always difficult always beautiful

But always difficult

Always difficult always beautiful

But always difficult”


That’s the chorus of the song. Even though the lyrics are repeated, the meaning touches the hearts of those who are going through a tough time. It is a song to listen to after a long day. It is for those who are working hard to walk in their own path under the gloomy sky. I really do love listening to this song.

I was surprised to find out that Wooseok performed this song solo as I was expecting the duo to sing most of the songs in the album together. Nonetheless, I listened to this album continuously for weeks. 10/10 would recommend this album to anyone.

Unrelated: Get well soon, Kino! You’ve been missed! Anyway guys, do support PENTAGON’s comeback with their title song SHA LA LA!


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