Because This Is My First Life

Let me share with you about the Kdrama I truly hold dear to my heart – ‘Because This Is My First Life’. It is a 16-episodes romantic comedy which explores the different perspectives on relationships and career of 6 characters with different unique personalities. Usually, the storyline of opposite sex roommates, by accident, can be predictable. However, the storyline’s progress is worth the time I spent on the drama.

Throughout the series, I was able to relate to every character as they encounter various phases of their lives. This in which provides a healing process, for both the viewers and characters, as the story unfolds each character’s development with themselves and others. Additionally, the actors portray their characters’ personalities and feelings perfectly. They execute the simple lines, which can be overdone, skillfully with the right amount of depth and emotion.

Apart from that, the storyline has a well-written and well-thought script and monologues. The drama references from poems and books that are wittily incorporated into the plot. I personally love “To Room Nineteen” metaphor:

“Everyone has a room 19 of their own. No matter how close they are with others, they don’t want them to find out about that room. No matter how comfortable they feel around others, they can’t invite them to that room”

‘Because This Is My First Life’ encourages me to pursue the things that I believe in. That is why I’ve been thinking about what I want to do recently. After all, it is everybody’s first life so we ought to do our best and just give it a shot.


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