Being Selfish

Have you ever wanted to do things just for you? Make yourself happy; get some self-care for your sake. Have the people around you told you to think about yourself?

I remember telling myself that I want to be selfish; most of my life, I’ve always put others’ before me. I finally want to do all the things that would make me happy. I can see my self-worth. It’s time to invest in myself.

As someone who often takes care of others, it took me a while to be able to do this: looking away, saying “no” and putting myself first. At first, I thought that I was struggling because I am so used to caring for others that it is already infused in my veins. Now I realise that I am doing this because…

I really do care.

What’s wrong with caring for others? What’s wrong with putting out my hand for them? What’s wrong with seeing the good in others? Trust me. It is okay to have faith in others and wanting to pull them up. It is okay to spend some of your resources for them. Caring for others does not mean that you no longer care about yourself. You just have to find a balance for yourself and them.

I still do believe in “Sometimes, you have to be selfish.” Yes, sometimes. When you are not up for it; when they are making use of you. Because that little bit of selfishness can bring you some serenity in the heart.

Being selfish is not really my thing. I’m sure it is not for some too. Right now, I am working towards my dreams and making sure that this dream of mine can support me and them.

Please, don’t let others or situations hold you back or change your good values. Use your dream so that you will have their back instead.


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