In every story, there will always be the main character and a supporting character. Batman has Robin, Cinderella has her fairy godmother and Matilda has Miss Honey. When going through a story, many tend to focus on the main character as he/she is always on the spotlight. The supporting character is usually in the background, providing more light for the main character’s spotlight.

Each of us is the main character of our own lives and the people around us are our supporting characters. Our supporting characters have, one way or another, created an impact in our life story. They help to enhance our experiences in life and can make it a meaningful one.

But if you look at it in another perspective, we are actually a supporting character of another person’s life. We have the opportunity to direct the main character into different storylines. We will be responsible for whatever actions and words we have done and said to the main character.

This means all of us has a chance to shine and a chance to make someone shine. So why don’t we do our best in our roles for each other’s story?


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