DAY6’s “The Book of Us” Series

A band that I sincerely respect and admire released an album yesterday called The Book of Us: The Demon.: This is an extension of “The Book of Us” series which started around mid-2019. To be completely honest, I wanted to write about The Book of Us: Gravity when it was first released but somehow that fell through. Instead, I will just talk about the whole series in a go. I’m sure I’ve made it crystal clear that I am a fan of DAY6 so I’ll try to give my honest unbiased opinion.

Let’s begin with the first run of the series, The Book of Us: Gravity! The tracks for this album definitely suit the embodiment of gravity. I’m not exactly talking about Isaac Newton’s gravitational theory, but the gravity within ourselves. As I soaked into the melody and lyrics of the tracks, I find my emotions and thoughts gathering and settling down within me. I remember reflecting about myself and empowering myself to keep moving forward with these songs. I wasn’t in my best state back then yet these tracks uplifted and provided me with some comfort.

Next up for this series, we have The Book of Us: Entropy! When this album was released, I felt very fortunate that the DAY6 members agreed to be in a band together. DAY6 has never disappointed me with any of their songs yet I am still surprised by their masterpieces. I was beyond impressed: Okay, it’s probably because I have a thing for pop-punk and pop-rock. But hey, they still nailed it with those tracks. As a matter of fact, those genres fit the theme they wanted to portray: Entropy, the “lack of order or predictability”. One moment you can feel sweetness, another moment you can feel frustration and the next moment you find yourself soaking into your emotions. Isn’t this “rollercoaster of emotions” something that we actually experience in real life?

Last of all, we have The Book of Us: The Demon. This album may seem ordinary but it definitely hits the right spots. The spots where I try to hide a part of myself from other people. The spots where I have been thinking and feeling about lately. It goes into deeper and darker sides as compared to The Book of Us: Gravity. It touches on our insecurities, instabilities and for some, depression. It’s not a surprise that many are drawn to the songs. 24 hours ever since it was released and this album has been on my loop for countless times.

All in all, “The Book of Us” series holds a special place in my heart. It is a series that is meaningful and pleasing to the ears for many. With their wide musical range, DAY6 is able to reach out to people in various ways. Aside from that, I am absolutely impressed by the team who worked on this series. They took into consideration of many small little details for this whole series, with the overall planning, designs for the albums and video productions. Props to them!

You can take some time to listen to this series whenever you need some comfort or company!

On a side note, I hope all of you are coping well during this pandemic. Wishing all of you good health (physically and mentally)! Let’s get through this!


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