Extraordinary You

Hi everyone! It has been quite a while, hasn’t it? I needed a halt from this but I’m back for now!

Netflix has been recommending Extraordinary You to me for the longest time and I was hooked to one of the OSTs called Never-ending Story by Stray Kids. Since I have some time to spare, I finally gave in and binge-watched the drama yesterday, after being on drama hiatus for months.

Extraordinary You tells a tale of Eun Dan-Oh, a high school student from a wealthy family who has been living with a heart disease ever since her childhood. She began to find herself losing pieces of her memories and foreseeing future events. Ultimately, she found out that she is in a romance comic called “Secret”. To her dismay, she plays as an extra who brings the leads together and she is engaged to her long-time crush. Dan-Oh started to get sick of being controlled by the writer. She eventually met an unknown character, who changed a detail of the storyline that she had previously foreseen. She named him Ha-Ru and they worked together to earn a chance to live as the true version of themselves.

Before anything, here is a quick explanation on some terms used in the drama. The “stage” is the scene that is illustrated by the writer and the characters involved has no choice but to execute them accordingly. However, the characters are free to roam when they are not “stage”. This in which makes them being in the “shadow”. Aside from that, most of the characters don’t have “ego”, which makes them act according to the personality the writer gave them. Dan-Oh and Ha-Ru, on the other hand, have an “ego”, giving them the ability to think and act however they want in the “shadow”.

While watching this drama, I was reminded of what I once wrote 2 years back. You can read it here. In life, we are both a protagonist of our own story and a supporting character of another person’s story. Just like how Dan-Oh is a supporting character on “stage” and a protagonist in the “shadow”.

So this is what I think. This tale shines more light to “behind-the-scenes” people. The “stages” that the writer illustrated is similar to the circumstances that are thrown to us in life. Although it is unfortunate that the characters won’t be able to change their fate on “stage” like how we can actually choose our own course of actions in real life. These “stages” are things that we can’t completely control but we are fortunate enough to be able to choose how to react to them.

It also popped into my mind on how the characters with no “ego” are similar to being oblivious. They go about their day as per normal without bringing much thought on their surroundings. There were plenty of situations where Dan-Oh should be raising suspicions among the other characters but all of that got brushed off as they lose those memories when they proceed to the next scene. This in which makes the story goes on according to what is planned.

But let’s say we throw in a wild card such as the characters with “ego”. Dan-Oh and Ha-Ru, are fully aware of their reality. They took charge in the “shadow” to change their story. They learnt that every action can create a rippling effect on the continuation of the story, including the other characters. Some can be good and some can be bad, showing how the people around us affect the course of our lives. So, since we are supporting characters’ in one’s life, what kind of effect do you want to give them? The one that helps them grow or the one that crushes them down?

Overall, is this drama predictable? Yes, it’s filled with cliché. Is it worth the time to watch? Well… Let’s just say I’m supposed to do something more productive yet I have no regrets delaying it a day back. It did get a little bit shaky with the repetition of the cycle of emotion behind changing the “stages” but it did serve a good reminder of our role as a person.

Rate: 8/10


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