Holding On

The first time I heard the phrase “holding on”, I thought that it is something admirable. The person is holding on, means he is being strong. He is persevering and pushing forward despite whatever obstacle he is facing. But when I think about it again, holding on can be oh so tiring.


Imagine this:

You have challenged yourself to climb up a wall, without a rope or any safety gears. And no, it’s not a normal rock climbing wall. As you are climbing, you lost your footing but you have managed to hold on to a crack on the wall. If you let go now, your life might be at stake. So, you just hold on tight to the crack, with the little energy left in you.


Holding on is not a piece of cake, especially when you have been doing so for a long period of time. It can sip out your energy and crush you day by day. You can feel less and less of yourself as the days go by. And, the feeling of wanting to let go gets stronger and stronger.

That is why I still believe that “holding on” is an admirable thing to do. Sure it can be draining, but wow, you did it. You are actually using your daily energy and courage effectively, that little amount of everything. I am so proud of you.

For those of you holding on tight in this roller coaster life, thank you. Thank you for doing so. All of you are doing well at it. Just remember, there’s nothing wrong with holding on to the littlest thing in life. Keep it close to you. All the best and fighting, everyone!


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