Hotel Del Luna (호텔 델루나)

Have you ever wondered what happens to someone when he passed away? Where will his soul/spirit be at? Well, a K-Drama on ghosts living in a hotel ended 2 weeks ago and I am already missing it. I was quite invested in this drama. I made sure to watch it weekly as I couldn’t wait to find out what happened to the characters.  

Here’s what I like about the drama. Ghosts are usually perceived as menacing and scary but this drama shows another perspective of them. In this hotel, some ghosts stay to fulfil their dreams, some want their heart to be at peace and some are waiting to pass on with others. Once they are ready, they can move on to the afterlife. The ghosts are still portrayed as themselves even when they are no longer in the real world, which piques my interest.  

Anyway, the drama started off with Jang Man Weol (played by IU) pulling a crate of her beloveds’ items in hopes to find the Guest House of the Moon and let them rest in peace. Little did she know that she becomes the owner of the Guest House of the Moon for a long 1,300 years while waiting for her vengeance to end. Ku Chan Seong ended up being the 99th human manager of the hotel for ghosts, due to the deal made between his father and Jang Man Weol years before. These two characters who couldn’t seem to get along at first, got their fates intertwined by the deities and soon became each other’s pillars. 

Jang Man Weol is a quirky mysterious character with an enticing past story. She is not afraid to stand up for what she believes is right, but you could see the invisible wall she guarded up around herself. You could see how she fearful gets whenever changes are brought to her, with the aid of Ku Chan Seong. You can witness the progression of her character as the drama connects her to an old Moon Tree that started to change ever since Ku Chan Seong came along.  

Personally, I like how the drama ends. Even though it is expected and tearful, it brings about the message of moving forward for your own sake. Definitely a go for everyone to watch as you’ll be reminded of meaningful things while you get yourself entertained by the eccentric characters. 

Ghosts may be cold but their stories might warm you up in so many ways. 10/10 recommending this to all of you. 


P.S. I just finished watching a C-Drama! It’s called Love O2O! Should I write about it too? 


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