Jane Allen: Back Then

Okay, I’m taking over from here Ms Narrator. After all, I am majoring in Communications so I am capable of telling everyone my story. 

James and I lived in the same neighbourhood. He used to hang out a lot with my brothers and I: playing video games, cycling and all those best childhood memories stuff. We would snack on many types of bread together while waiting for my brothers to be back home. Our families basically became close thanks to us.   

Our teenage years kicked in and the girls, who crossed paths with him, are crushing on him. He gave me a sneak peek of life with a celebrity. They wanted me to be their “wingwoman” but I somehow ended up as his bouncer. Okay, I might be exaggerating for this but you get me, right? Thankfully, that didn’t last long as his family decided to migrate out of Singapore. Just like one of the clichés in movies, we lost touch while we soaked ourselves into our different lives. 

Did I like him back then? Well, yes. I respected him for who he is. He was my kind of like my tutor throughout those years, considering how bad I was in studying. And despite all of these, he still a dorky friend of my brothers. 

Hold on, how did you guys get in touch again? 

That is a shocker for me too. I went home from work one evening and saw three pairs of unfamiliar shoes at the entrance. When I entered, there was James along with Mr and Mrs Cole. Apparently, my parents told them that I was looking into pursuing a degree overseas. The Cole family is more than willing to adopt me in South Korea while I’m studying. So, I said “Yes!” 


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