Long Weekend

I was having some snacks at the pantry last Tuesday afternoon and my colleague came up to me:

Colleague: Hey, what are your plans for the weekend?

Me: I don’t know, probably just like any other weekend.

Colleague: *saying something that I can’t remember*

(In my head: Wait, what’s so special about this weekend?)

Me: OH YA! It’s a long weekend because of Deepavali and I have NO PLANS AT ALL!

I proceeded the rest of my weekdays wrecking for ideas to do during the weekend.

Should I call up my friends? Nah, I’m not up for it (I’m sorry to friends who are reading this. All of you know I still love you). My introvert self is logging in. Maybe a date with myself? To the park? To the beach? Should I go for a hike? Just the library? Hmm… Nope, I definitely don’t feel like going out. So stay at home? Well… I don’t know… I should go out…

These have been set on replay for the longest time. Surprisingly, this week passed by quite quickly. Tonight is the start of the long weekend and I still have no plans! Believe me, writing this post is just a spontaneous feeling (and thought).

You know what. I will just spend this long weekend catching up with my dramas, do more writing or art, get more eyes shut or catch up with my Korean studies. Maybe spend more time with my family too. I’ll get out of bed and my house when I’m up for it. I mean work has been hectic and all of us could use some “me time”.

I’m sorry that I’m not sorry that I’ve probably wasted your time reading this. Have a jolly and restful holiday everybody! Do whatever you feel like it. We should deserve some break.


P.S. Hold up. You should check out DAY’s new album, The Book of Us: Entropy, and Winner’s Cross album. Listen to AKMU’s Sailing album too! They should fit this weekend’s vibe.



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