Lovely Horribly

I wanted to share with all of you about my thoughts on MrSunshine but I still need time to fully digest my post-drama withdrawal. Plus, I’m re-watching it. ^~^ So, I will share about Lovely Horribly first.

Lovely Horribly is a Kdrama that finally makes me understand what the typical “kissing under the rain” scene means. Lovely Horribly is a drama I didn’t expect to actually enjoy (I was wrong). Lovely Horribly is about two people who are destined to have one be in his/her best state while the other receives misfortune. Both receiving fortune at the same time just seems impossible. It has comedy, romance, crime and horror. It is something we don’t usually see in other dramas.

Throughout the series, I was reminded of the concept of giving and receiving. The female lead willingly gives to the male lead and the male lead has been the one who receives more. Those who are aware of their destiny attempted to stop the female lead from giving too much. They wanted to protect her from being hurt (she ended up getting hurt either way).  However, I felt that she should not be stopped because that is what she wants to do. Whatever happens afterwards will just happen.

And yes, what do I mean by why this drama makes me understand the typical scene “kissing under the rain”? Towards the end of the drama, this scene exists between the leads. Even though them being together might be bad news, they took that chance and decided to be strong for each other. I can’t believe it took me so long to actually see the sweetness behind this kind of scene.

All in all, this drama is quite good. The values behind the drama are indeed valuable. You can learn something from it. For those who are thinking twice about watching this drama because of the horror part, don’t worry. It’s not that scary. 


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