Loving Myself

This year, I took up a resolution of focusing on myself – getting to know myself better, workingon myself, loving myself. It’s all about me.

It’s not that I have not been loving myself at all for the past years. I just feel the need to see myself in a brighter side, not keep cooping myself up in the dark.

September is almost ending and I can say that I am actually loving myself, more than I ever did throughout my whole life. I find myself appreciating every single thing that I have done even though they are not the best in this world- last year me would have shut this website down by now. I have been trying to make time for the things that I enjoy doing. I have come to accept and love every single scar and flaw. I can even see my own strengths more clearly now. I can tell you that I learnt that I’m such a beautiful mess. HAHA.

All of these that are mentioned above may not be that pretty to others. But they are a part of me that I hold dear to my heart. I am not trying to be a narcissist but I really do love myself. This is something I couldn’t say easily last time.

Of course, there are still times when I doubt myself. I mean life is a journey with plenty of bumps. So times of self-doubt is bound to happen.

As tough as it is, I am actually proud of what I have become so far. I am grateful that I am capable of being my own source of strength.

So to everyone out there, I hope that you will find time to actually learn to love yourself. Because it really does… It does make a difference on you. 


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