Mr Sunshine

I know I have been putting off Mr Sunshine for quite some time. As I mentioned before, I am still not over this K-drama; Yes, even until now. There were so many emotions that were being played and it is just WOW. Not going to lie, I actually put off watching it for the 2nd time. It’s just that I couldn’t bear to go through the ending of this drama again.

Anyway, Mr Sunshine is set during the early 1900s at Seoul, formerly known as Hanseong at that time. During that period, the hierarchy system is well-followed and unfortunately our male lead, Choi Yoo Jin / Eugene Choi, was born into slavery. One day, an event transpired, which drove him to set out to the United States. He returned to his homeland as a US Marine Corps officer and met our female lead, Go Ae Shin. She is a noblewoman who has a strong will to protect her country from being “sold” to other countries. With this, she trains to be one of the best snipers and join the Righteous Army. So you can expect to see blood, guns and chaos.

I remember being excited the first time I heard about this drama because I was craving to watch a historical drama. Plus, the cast itself already seem appealing. That is why I decided to give this drama a go and it is one of the best choices I have ever made.

The storyline is definitely intriguing. It made me laugh. It made cry. It made my heart flutter. It kept me on the edge. I immediately know that I would invest my time for this drama right 10 minutes into it. I am so glad that they portray the bravery of the female characters instead of just making them be damsels in distress. (I LOVE GO AE SHIN!) The romance progress between the leads is sure something. Though, I felt that it would be better if they shared more about the political side as there is a period when they focused on the leads’ romance a little bit too much. I really do like the history behind things.

What I love the most is the character development of the main characters – Eugene Choi, Go Ae Shin, Goo Dong Mae, Kim Hee Sung and Lee Yang Hwa. They are the five characters that I truly treasure. Each of them has different circumstances and unique charms and personalities. It is quite rare for me to have this many favourite characters in a drama. By the way, I will not talk about how they developed over time because I need you to go watch and see it for yourself. Or maybe I will talk about it next time. I don’t know, we shall see ;). But here’s a hint, to me, Kim Hee Sung has the best character development.

Oh! Oh! To top it all off, the cinematography is just AMAZING! One of the best drama cinematography I have ever since. It feels like I was actually watching a movie instead of a drama. And one more thing, their OSTs are also incredible! Most of them are saved in my playlist.

10/10 would recommend this drama to anyone, even to those who are not usually keen in historical dramas. I actually love this drama!

For those of you who have not watched this drama, let me give you a piece of advice; just prepare your heart. I mean, it is a historical drama. What do you actually expect the story to be? It may be titled Mr Sunshine but…



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