My Naoki Irie

It has been a while

Since you came into my mind

It’s out of the blue.


Naoki Irie,

A crush: that was all you are.



I have to admit

You’re my sweetest memory

Among the grim fog.


Drama is unreal

But with you I experienced

All of its cliché.


Your cold persona

I was never fazed by it

As there’s warmth in you.


Teasing each other

Accidental incidents

My fluttering heart.


When it comes to books

We know you’re better at them

Yet you clipped on me.


Naoki Irie

I am forever grateful

For all you had done.


Being next to you

Is like walking through winter,

Just a short season.


No longer in touch

So I wish the best for you

I’m sure you are fine.


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