Not At First Sight

나 알아

I know you’ve been around

I know you’ve always been this way

I just chose to not take notice


They’ve told me about you

From time to time, I thought

“아~ 너 멋지다”

And that’s that


Who would have thought

That in a flash of time

An ordinary life could turn into

Life in a movie


“너 진짜 멋지다”

I can’t stop thinking about you

But all you did was have an enchanting voice

And it was not the first time I heard you


It should just be infatuation

This magic spell should be vanished by now

It’s still lingering in me

Could it be…


I shouldn’t pursue this

I wasn’t there from the start

You should be with your one and only

Yet I want to I think I can be her


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