You know how there are quizzes on ‘What is your soul colour?’ (Yes, I do this kind of quizzes. I have my boring moments too.) Well, I personally feel that Purple describes me best.

Purple is a combination of Red + Blue and so is Violet. What sets them apart is that Purple is placed closer to Red while Violet is placed closer to Blue in the colour spectrum. So why has purple been my favourite colour for the past 12 years?

When I think about it, Red reminds me of fire and Blue reminds me of water. I have never been in the extreme ends of these two elements. I always have a mixture of fire and water in me for my day-to-day life. Fire lights up my drive and water calms me down, which result in me settling down in between.

But at the end of the day, I find myself sensing fire a little bit more in myself. For those who know me personally, you would know that I actually have a lot of red things for the longest time. Be it my laptop, my wallet, my clothes and even this blog’s background colour are red. My unconscious mind is just more attracted to Red than Blue. Plus, Red has recently become my other favourite colour.

The main thing is, I hold Purple much more dear to me as compared to Violet. Blue and the extra Red are the colours I live with daily. Purple (and Red) have always given me better peace in my mind. Looking at Purple (and Red) gives me more motivation to things and at the same time, they reassure me.


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