Reality Hits

I have always been a dreamer. In a day, I can create many different scenarios in my head. I can orchestra an action-packed scene that I would like to encounter once or simply think of how I want my life to go. I am aware that these imaginations that make me happy can break within seconds or hours or days: In fact, anytime. Because you know, that’s just how life is.

While I was growing up (I mean I still am), I often wonder why people are not living the life they want to. Why is grades such a big deal? Why is money such a concern? Why stay in a marriage when you can’t even trust each other? Why are we doing the things that make us unhappy? Well, little did I know…

When reality hits, you are often left with lesser choices. When reality hits, it shakes you up, usually when you least expected. The land that you have built for the longest time shatter within moments. You are left to work with limited resources to keep on going in this world while sewing up the pieces of your mentality back together. When reality hits, it can be a very difficult phase for someone. It is hard for them to breathe. It is hard to make decisions. It is even harder to move.

Believe it or not, this is something that each person face at least once in their life. (Even I am going through a fair share of it, directly.) Everyone is facing reality in this world every single day. You might not be able to tell that someone is going through something because there are people out there who try their best to not show it to anyone. But just know, they are. So let’s not be mean to one another because we know, all of us could use a helping hand.

For those of you who are struggling accepting reality, it’s time to get yourself together because denying it won’t make it disappear. I know standing up and getting courage is not a walk in a park. You only live once, we should at least get something good out of it.


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