Have you ever looked up to the sky? – on your way to work in the traffic or by the beach. How do you feel when you do so? Does it seem like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders?

Picture your sky. Is it bright or is it dark? Is it blue like the sea or orange like the autumn maple leaf? Are there any stars or shimmering auroras? Are there patches of clouds or is your sky as clear as a pimple-free face? Or is your sky just uniquely different from what is listed here?

My favourite sky is usually seen in the dark. A mixture of purple, red and black alongside the illuminating moonlight. I can see freckles of clouds taking the shapes of whatever I can imagine. The sound of crickets and fresh air are exquisite bonuses to my happy place.

To tell you the truth, I like all kinds of the sky. The sky has always been one of my sources for serenity. I’m sure many feel the same way about the sky. At first, the sky seems like my way of talking to my late grandparents; to share my troubles and wishes. Now, simply looking at the sky landscape can easily ease the turmoil of my hectic life. It makes me say, “This is where I’m supposed to be right now.” It pushes me forward to face what life has prepared for me ahead.

But don’t you think it’s odd that the sky that keeps changing can be so reassuring, while the changes in our lives can be scary? This sky shared by many sure can do something extraordinary.


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