The Story of James Cole: Reunion

Her eyes were glistening as the city outline unfolds before her. She hasn’t changed that much from what James remembered: Her smile, the way she shows her excitement, that scar on her left thumb…

“I know I just stepped into this country, but it feels and looks like home,” Jane finally broke the silence.

“Really? Why?” James looked at her with wonder.

“There are high-rise buildings, beautiful blooming flowers and trees, the trains and buses are quite alike. Hmm… what else? Oh, there are girls ogling over you here too.”

James finally scanned through the people around them. Indeed, he has caught quite an attention. A trio standing at the end of the cabin were giggling and whispering to one another. One thing is for sure, their eyes are glued on him. They grinned and waved shyly to him. He politely smiled and waved at them. Jane leaned back on her seat with her arms and legs crossed.

“I thought I no longer have to deal with this kind of situation again. I know we are going to be in the same department in school so I’m going to be upfront and say this…,” Jane looked dead into his eyes, “I refuse to be your bouncer again. Leave me out from your girl problems.”

James chuckled in disbelief, “Don’t worry. How do you think I’ve been dealing with them when we were apart? I don’t need you with this anymore.”

Jane squinted her eyes and looked at him before uttering, “Good.” She continued to look outside the train window in awe, eager to begin a new chapter of her life.

The corners of his lips stretched outwardly. Jane Allen. How could she have not changed one bit?


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