The Story of James Cole

A little bit more… Try to jiggle it a little further in. Careful, don’t break the…

“Now I know why Jane is so annoyed by you. You really can’t keep quiet.”

My dear James Cole, I am a narrator for a reason. If I don’t speak, how is this story going to continue? Am I right, my dear readers?

“Fine fine”

Don’t you roll your eyes at me, James Cole. You know how soft I can get whenever you are around. Just look at those clear hazel eyes. Those dexterous long fingers working on the door lock. Those sweat trickling down his cheeks.

“Shh… Okay, I think I’m getting it. I just need to…”


James Cole, you are amazing! Anything he does with his hands can turn into a piece of art. Have you seen him draw? Have you seen his woodcrafts? Do you know, he is also good at playing with instruments? Guitar, piano, drums, trumpets, you name it. James Cole is a man with many talents.

“Okay Ms Narrator, I’m going to open the door now. Time to get this story going.”

Oh yes! James finally managed to unlock Jane’s bedroom door. She has been in there for too long, making him concern for her health. Though, he is the reason for her to act this way. Yup, no wonder they matched each other. I see the resemblance in the way he is glaring at me.

James took a deep breath. His facials might not be showing it but he is trying to calm down the butterflies in his stomach. After all, he is about to face his one and only best friend. They have known each other since he was 11, bonding through the love of Bread.

“Jane, I’m coming in.”

He takes a step through the door. A flying object swift towards him. He jumps back and shields his face with his arms.


A maroon pillow hit the door and fell to the floor. Good throw, Jane. She really is upholding her name as the Pitchy Jane back in her secondary school’s baseball team.

“Ms Narrator, I already told you not to call me that.”

Sorry, dearest. Anyway, James walks into the room and closes the door behind him. Jane’s facial changes into an unreadable expression. She bites her lips together and her eyes slightly widen as if she witnessed something transpire.

“Let’s talk, Jane. You know we are going to have this talk eventually.”

“Fine but before that, you have to fix my door lock.”

“What are you talking about? The door is fine. See, it can still be locked and unlocked.”


James is right. The door can still be locked. But… Hold on a second. He is turning the doorknob, left and right. Now he is turning it profusely again and again yet the door is still locked. And yup, Jane is definitely right.

Looks like we have to come back again next time.


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