The Story of Jane Allen: A New Beginning

The autumn breeze just kicked in when our dearest Jane Allen started her life away from her family. She pulled her luggage across the floors of Incheon Airport, reading the directions to make her way to the metro station.


“I should have let them fetched me. No, I can do this. Remember Jane, you are here to prove to them that you are a capable independent woman, not just a daddy’s little princess.”


Jane had been dreaming for this day to happen. Of course, she has always been a reliable person throughout her life. She took up many positions with responsibility back in her primary and secondary school days. Her friends often seek her as they know that she will give them support and protect them appropriately in life matters. However, being the only daughter in the family makes it harder for her to convince her family that she is strong enough to live by herself: Especially when her family has always thought of her as a vulnerable fragile girl.


“Okay, Mrs Cole said that the nearest station to their house is Jamsil. That means I’ll have to…”


“You’ll have to change a few lines and have more wrinkles by the time you reach our house.”


Jane turned around and saw a slightly tall man dressed in a black hoodie and jeans. Oddly enough, those hazel eyes are still very familiar to her despite years of separation.


“James? What are you doing here?”


“Well, I was planning to stalk this petite lady who is pulling a piece of luggage, half her height, all the way home but you got in the way.”


Jane rolled her eyes, “I told your mum that I can manage by myself.”


“Yup, you seem to be handling yourself VERY well. Come, let’s get out of here,” James took her luggage and quickly walked ahead of her.


“YA! James! Where are we going? I can pull my own luggage! James Cole!” Jane fastened her steps, catching up to him. What a way to keep a low profile.


James slowed down his steps and tossed a packet bread, “Stuff yourself with this and quietly follow me.”


And just like the little tiger cub she is, Jane munched on the buttermilk bread while giving her frenemy the evil eyes.


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