The Story of Jane Allen

Knock knock.

“Jane! It has been days. Please come out of the room. Let’s talk about it,” his voice faintly diffuse through the door and into the ears of Jane Allen.

It is true. She has been in this gloomy room for days. Two long days to be exact. Her body has been wrapped up with her favourite grey wool blanket during those times, in hopes of removing this shivers. The curtains are drawn shut but you can dimly see some sunrays escaping through them.

“Come on, Jane. You can’t stay there forever.”

Jane buries her face onto the pillow. Five… four… three…two…two and a half….one… And there she is with her body up on the bed. The whites of her eyes are painted with some redness. Her face is as puffy as a rabbit’s cheeks. Her hair… oh dear: A comb is an answer to this mess. Many must be wondering, what could have happened to our dearest Jane Allen?

Knock knock knock.

A loud sigh came out from the…

“Please keep quiet!” Jane has finally spoken!

“Jane, are you okay? All I wanted was…”

“No, not you James. You, Ms Narrator! Just shush! It’s bad enough that this happened to me!”

“Oh… you didn’t want Ms Narrator to tell everyone about how you unknowingly confessed your love to this handsome best friend of yours. Come on, Jane. You literally announced it to the whole world through the…”

“James Cole! URGHH”

Jane Allen once again buries her face into the pillow. Now she is staring at me: Glaring might be the more appropriate word. Okay, that is all on the story of Jane Allen. Maybe…


We’ll see…


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