Walking Through My Path

I told myself to let you go

Out of my sight

Out of my mind

Out of my heart.


So I did.

I looked away from your path

And turned to mine

To see how unkempt it is.


How I’ve left my path behind

How I’ve left many tasks undone

At my seemingly endless path,

Just to walk you through yours.


I swept away the dried leaves

I cut away the blocking bushes

I mowed down the tall grasses

I watered down dehydrated flowers.


I did all can for

Light to shine in

Birds to chirp gleefully

And now it is a flowery road.


Yet whilst caring for my path,

Thoughts of you come rushing in

As everything I’ve done here,

I’ve done it for yours too.


Who knew that taking care of my path

Is the same as taking care of others?

But oddly enough

It still seems harder to be here for me.


At times I still wonder

If the blooming flowers still brighten your day

Like how my pine trees

Bring fragrant to my air.


Although being with you

Can put me at more ease,

I won’t run back to you

Unless our paths converge.




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