Well Done Again My Friend

For those of you who know me personally, you should have already known that I am a fan of a Korean band called DAY6. (MYDAYS UNITE!) I have listened to every song DAY6 has released and I can tell you that they seriously don’t have a bad song. All of their performances are mesmerising. I hope I can watch them perform live one day.

Anyway, I want to talk about DAY6’s cover of the song “Well Done Again My Friend”. Yes, I know they released this soundtrack like agesago. But hey, the song is still good so I can still talk about it.

The original artist of this song is Okdal; I give them a thumbs up! Originally, the song is sung in Korean, yet DAY6 covered it in English. I can’t really read Korean but from what I understand from the translation, the lyrics of both versions are actually well-written. They are relatable and are actually hitting the rightspots for listeners.

DAY6 might have tweaked the lyrics but to me, both versions have a common result, which is to bring comfort to those who listened to this song. It’s just that both groups have different styles when delivering the song.

Okdal’s version feels lighter while DAY6’s version has a bit more “umph” feeling. Okay, I might be a little bit bias since I always have a thing with bands.

My favourite part of DAY6’s version is the chorus:

“Dad said for there to be light

There must be dark

That’s just how the world keeps turning

Around and round the light

Now gone”

DAY6 did an amazing cover of an already amazing song done by the original artist, Okdal. You should give this song (both versions) a shot. If you want to appreciate it atthe right moment, listen to it on a hard day.

P.S. I’m not a music expert. I’m merely a person who just wants to share her opinions about songs. 


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